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Wednesday August 20th 2008, 5:37 pm
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There are a bunch of automated phone services that are free to use if you’re willing to sit through an advertising pitch first.  1-800-FREE411 may be the most well known one.  So far, none of them have seemed worth it to me.

slydial1.jpgSlydial changes all that.

Dig this:  By calling 267-SLYDIAL, you can call any person’s cell phone number and go directly to voicemail.  Want to call in sick, but afraid your boss might actually answer her phone?  No worries!  Just leave a voicemail, and tell her that you’re *cough* going back to bed.  

Slydial’s website offers some very nice, innocent use cases – you want to remind your traveling spouse of something but know he’s in a meeting – but come on:  this is the best slacker tool since people discovered Microsoft Outlook’s Email Scheduler function (for that 3am I’m-slaving-away missive to your boss).

The New York Times has an interesting article tying Slydial to technology-driven communication trends such as the increasing popularity of one-way communication vehicles (think Twitter and Facebook) and services that help people fib a little (such as the service that adds traffic or office background noise when you’re actually calling from home).

Slydial is a service from Mobilesphere which says the idea was developed while it was working on a routing technology intended to reduce international roaming costs on cell phones.  But however it works… You know that person you really have to call, but you just can’t bring yourself to listen to him/her go on and on for 20 minutes?  I might even be willing to listen to two ads to escape that. 

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