Stephanie Fierman Wishes She Hadn’t Sent That
Wednesday November 12th 2008, 5:55 pm
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Have you ever emailed someone at 1am and regretted it later?  Consider poor Jerry Maguire.  If the movie was made today, surely Jerry would have sent his manifesto by email in the middle of the night.  And you just know that any missive starting with “It’s 1 AM and this might be the bad pizza I had earlier talking, but I believe I have something to say…” should not be sent.

Now there’s hope.

Google has launched a little feature called Mail Goggles that tries to protect you from yourself, late at night, when you’re drunk or otherwise under the influence and should therefore be nowhere near a keyboard.  You set the time range during which you want the feature to be active and then – if you try to send an email during that period – Mail Goggles forces you to answer 5 math questions before the message can be sent. 

If you answer such mind-benders as “11-2=?” wrong or you’re too slow, all you get is a note saying “Water and bed for you.”  No email crime committed, no sentence before the proverbial judge later.


Ars Technica has called it “a breathalyzer test for your Gmail.”
I think this is great.  Now if they could only figure out how to deposit the same kind of feature on everyone’s work email…Mail Goggles

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