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Thursday October 09th 2014, 10:59 am
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In the world of ads, there are those I like and those I don’t like, or ones that I think don’t work, but I can’t remember seeing one that I literally do not understand.

Until now.

Have you seen the new Chevy Cruze Diesel ad? If not, here it is:

Ok, so a bunch of people are hanging out in a hyper-friendly, spotless gas mart (because who doesn’t?) and the Cheers theme song, Where Everyone Knows Your Name, is playing. In the role of Norm today is an average guy named Stan, whom everyone greets by name, including a cop who appears to have nothing better to do.  Much personal warmth and friendliness ensues.  Then another guy comes in, and the music stops abruptly.  There is nothing unusual about this man’s behavior and, as he pays for his purchase, the VO says, “Gas stations.  Where nobody knows your name.”

Let us begin.

Why does everyone suddenly go mute when this stranger comes in?  Are they happy to see him, or not happy that someone has intruded in their lovefest?  Are they angry? Is his presence a good or bad thing? And how about the VO – “Gas stations. Where nobody knows your name.” But the whole point of at least half of this ad is that everyone DOES seem to know your name! So what does that mean? And why do they stare out the window as the guy leaves?  And what does this have to do with a car??

And how about the final VO – “It’s the new efficient.” Is the implication here that hanging out with your friends is the old efficient? Or not efficient at all? 

Makes no sense, no?

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